A Company on a Mission : The New WOODCHUCK

Over the past two years we have established ourselves as a premier wooden electronics accessories company.  We are now taking our mission and expanding into new territories. No longer are we just a “phone case company”, but rather a premium wooden accessories brand. Today marks the day that we proudly present you with, yes, a new look, but continue on with our everlasting vision.

Our Vision? 

Bring nature back to people.  

Bring jobs back to America.

Bring quality back to products. 

Today, we are proud to officially present you with two new features:

We’ve redesigned our website to allow you easy access and navigation throughout.  Not only have we made it simple to search product categories, but we’ve also enhanced the clarity of each design.


A WOODCHUCK Exclusive:









Forget the folding. We make looking good easy.  The WOODCHUCK real wood pocket square is handcrafted with rigid wood veneer and suede backing. 

We're proud to announce the new WOODCHUCK. Dedicated to a mission, and passionate about our vision. Thank you for your support, loyalty, and belief in our ability to change the world. 


Authentic.  American.  WOODCHUCK.

WOODCHUCK Weekly: The Value of Corporate Gifting


It is not just something we say we do, it is what we live by; our motto, our mantra.  WOODCHUCK brings nature back to you, jobs back to America, and now WOODCHUCK has established a brand new movement.  A movement that naturally brings life to your company.  Corporate gifting is serious business, and we don't take it lightly.  Why is corporate gifting so important?  Here are our three reasons:

1. Prove your appreciation for your clients for who they are and what they've done for you.  Establish that undeniable loyalty.

2. You need them.  Remind them that.  Keep your company at the forefront of their mind, and never let them forget who you are.

3. Make a lasting impression.  Be the one that stands out.  With our customization techniques, our gifts will advertise for your company and show the world just how awesome you are.

WOODCHUCK brings corporate gifting to a whole new level. "Collabing" with WOODCHUCK can enhance your most valued relationships.  WOODCHUCK has come together with over 200 companies to bring something back to their lives and to prove their investment with you.  Now it's your turn.  We need you.

Join our movement.





If you're traveling through the Minneapolis Airport and have some time to kill, check WOODCHUCK out at the Uptown Art Store. We've got a huge array of products on display to gear you up for your adventure.

WOODCHUCK Weekly: The power of preservation

There are 7.046 billion people on this planet all making an impact on our environment. We at WOODCHUCK strive each and every day to inspire those around us to live more sustainable lives.

WOODCHUCK Weekly: Join the Movement

Team WOODCHUCK is excited to be making strides towards sustainability. Check out a few things we're doing to move forward.

WOODCHUCK Weekly: Rugged and Ready

We're ready for any challenge this week may chuck at us! Boom. Here we go. #WOODCHUCK


WOODCHUCK is a way of life.  We believe in nature, we believe in adventure, we believe in sharing inspiration.  Use this as a guide to an exclusive look inside the walls of WC Headquarters.  While here, you can grab wellness tips on getting back in nature, learn of deals on WOODCHUCK products, and get WOODCHUCK news first hand.

February 03, 2014 by Ben VandenWymelenberg


Hello Big Apple! WOODCHUCK just returned from an awesome road trip out to New York. Amidst the exciting business opportunities, we managed to fit in some exploration of the city. The high-energy pulse of New York fits nicely with our go-get-em work ethic. Here are a few highlights from the trip we want to share.

October 02, 2013 by Kevin Groenjes

Where do I buy a custom journal or notebook?

Are you looking for your own personalized notebook or journal? Look no further! We have real wooden journals that are fully customizable to your liking. Available in Walnut, Birch, and Mahogany, you can show off your favorite design, or keep it simple with your initials engraved. 
September 26, 2013 by Kevin Groenjes