iPhone 5/5s Case - Rock Climber in Mahogany Wood - WOODCHUCK USA

Wood iPhone 5/5s Case - Outdoor Nation Adventure Series - Rock Climber (Mahogany)


  • Designed + Crafted in USA

    It's about more than jobs. It's about a philosophy of american pride that started this country. It's about reviving pride in products, pride in design, and pride in manufacturing.

    It's time to take back that authenticity and inject it into everything we do. From the minute we wake up to the minute we lay our heads down we think about how we will impact the generations to come.

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WOODCHUCK Adventure Series | Custom Snap-on Wood Cases for iPhone

The WOODCHUCK Adventure Series iPhone Cases feature handcrafted real wood in a protective snap-on case that fits snug on your 5/5s. A percentage of profit from our Outdoor Nation Adventure series funds their programs and initiatives.

  • Durable casing to protect your phone

  • Customize to fit your style

  • FSC certified wood

  • 100% recycled plastic

  • 100% real wood

  • 100% USA made