Will the iPhone 6 skin have a front piece?

Nope. The front side of an iPhone 6 is completely useable and putting a skin on the front would only hinder your iPhone abilities.


How long do custom orders take?

Orders typically take a couple of days. During holiday season, expect longer wait times.


Do you sell skins or cases for products not offered on your site?

Not anymore. It was getting WAY out of hand.


Do you offer tracking information?

Yes, to all USA orders. You'll get your tracking info in your shipping confirmation email. We currently do not offer tracking information on international orders. 


Where can I buy WOODCHUCK products?

Woodchucks are available online at WoodchuckUSA.com (You’re already here! Bonus!), at many reputable retailers across the country and a couple internationally.


Where are WOODCHUCK products made?

In Minneapolis, MN baby!


Can I easily remove my WOODCHUCK product from my electronics?

Absolutely! The 3M Adhesive we use is designed for easy, residue-free removal.


How can I clean my WOODCHUCK product?

Use a slightly damp cloth to wipe your WOODCHUCK product clean. No chemicals please!


My WOODCHUCK product did not stand up to the blowtorch test I put it through. Can I get a new one?

Sure. You just have to pay for it.


My WOODCHUCK product did not stand up to everyday wear and tear (less than 1 year after purchase). Can I get a new one?

Our Woodchucks have a six month warranty. If you need a replacement within 6 months of purchase, we are happy to send you one. Just shoot us an email, and we will send a replacement Woodchuck product to the address you specify.


How much wood can a woodchuck chuck? Assuming of course that a woodchuck could chuck wood. Naturally.

The answers are seemingly endless, just like our customization options for your WOODCHUCK product. We'd recommend googling it.


Can I customize my WOODCHUCK product?

Most likely...shoot us an email or give us a call with your ideas! Clean vector art with defined outlines works best. No photos please.


Is this really REAL wood? Really?

You bet it is. 100% real, sustainably sourced handcrafted wood products, made right here in the USA!