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Our First Two years: An inside look from the CEO of WOODCHUCK




Hey Everybody,

With the two year anniversary of WOODCHUCK rapidly approaching, I figured it was about time to step away from the craziness of phone calls, laser cutting, toilet cleaning, and bullet dodging to update you on the status of the company.  I’d like to give you a personal look into our culture, the future growth of the brand, and in true WOODCHUCK style, some authentic American feedback.

Entrepreneurship can be a rocky road, but damn the view is beautiful.  As CEO, I have experienced, first hand, the ebb and flow of the company.  An idea that was sparked while drinking a beer at the University of Minnesota has since evolved into a worldwide brand.  What I anticipated to be a fun side project turned into a crash course in business management, team building, and international brand management.  I knew I needed a strong team to inspire the potential I envisioned for WOODCHUCK. The building began.

At the establishment of the company, the team spent countless hours studying business, designing innovative products, and creating invaluable connections with some of the most brilliant minds in business.  Naturally, we need a mission, a vision for where we wanted to go and what we wanted our company to do.  That mission was change.  Change through nature by bringing people back to Mother Earth.  Change in manufacturing by creating more jobs in America.  And lastly, Change in consumerism by creating quality products for our supporters.  We went from working in my bedroom, to a small attic in a shop, to a massive warehouse, back to a small office, and finally where we are today… our own beautiful manufacturing studio in Northeast Minneapolis.


FIrst WOODCHUCK photoshoot: Throwback 2012


Over the last two years, WOODCHUCK has pushed the limits of life and life has pushed back.  We have had success and opportunities for change.  Through that time, we’ve gone through: hiring’s, firings, machines starting on fire, people starting on fire, legal battles, fun times, bad times, crushed expectations, amazing unexpected results, struggles,  landing product nationwide, more struggles, landing international deals, screwing up, screwing up more, learning branding, learning how not to brand, asking questions, meeting amazing people, meeting jerks, meeting amazing mentors, traveling the world, broken down cars, broken bones, and of course…. we chucked a lot of wood….

The one thing that we didn’t “go through” however, was our mission.It’s still here, authentically American, radically simple, tried and true.
Bring nature back to people
Bring Jobs back to America
Bring quality back to products.



Leading this company and striving for this vision has been the most humbling, engaging, and promising experience of my life.  I have the opportunity each day to lead a team of dedicated, brilliant individuals on a mission for change.  For that, I am eternally grateful. 

I would like to take one last second to thank you (yes you the person reading this), my team, our friends, our family, supporters, fans, pets, neighbors, and partners. You make our mission a reality everyday and we cannot wait to see what is to come. 


P.S. If you ever want to talk about WOODCHUCK, life experiences, or anything at all, shoot me a call at 920-412-6846.  Better yet, stop in anytime for a tour of our manufacturing studio to meet our incredible team, experience our fun and supportive team culture, and watch our products come to life before your eyes.


Benjamin Jo VandenWymelenberg 

Founder/ CEO


June 06, 2014 by Ben VandenWymelenberg

WOODCHUCK Weekly: WOODCHUCK Wood Pocket Squares featured in Envision Fashion Show

Said to be one of the top trending items to have this season by fashion leaders and online retailers like Shopify, wood pocket squares have recently made their way onto the runway in a local Minneapolis fashion show.   An easy way for any guy to sharpen their look, these will surely make a strong appearance on the lapels of only the most fashion-forward men.   Expanding the WOODCHUCK image and easing our way into the high-end men’s fashion scene has been nothing short of awesome.  That being said, we’re giving the people what they want.  Launching our own WOODCHUCK wood pocket squares for our fans.  We’re the first wood pocket square on the market, with a suede back and multiple layers of wood to detail its uniqueness.  We loved our design and the utility so much we decided to patent this aesthetic piece of art.

May 12, 2014 by Ben VandenWymelenberg
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A Company on a Mission : The New WOODCHUCK

Over the past two years we have established ourselves as a premier wooden electronics accessories company.  We are now taking our mission and expanding into new territories. No longer are we just a “phone case company”, but rather a premium wooden accessories brand. Today marks the day that we proudly present you with, yes, a new look, but continue on with our everlasting vision.
April 22, 2014 by Kasey Keener
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WOODCHUCK Weekly: Join the Movement

To get people back to nature, we understand the importance of first and foremost, taking care of the great outdoors. Thus, our team has been working towards making WOODCHUCK the best possible company for our community, for our economy, and for good old Mother Earth. We’ve met with key execs from Fortune 50 companies, and found that there’s an even greater support network than we anticipated. 

February 24, 2014 by Ben VandenWymelenberg

WOODCHUCK Weekly: Rugged and Ready

Here at Woodchuck Headquarters, we’ve been making some huge moves and last week was a wild week, to say the least!  With many custom products in production and our CFO's twenty-fourth birthday topping off the week, Team WOODCHUCK decided to collect our thoughts with a cool, calm, and collective mandatory movie sesh. Instead of chucking dodge balls at each other, we sat back and settled into our DIY home-theater and soothed our minds with the movie Into the Wild and some snackage. 

February 18, 2014 by Kasey Keener

The WOODCHUCK Weekly: Get Outdoors

Happy Monday WOODCHUCKERS! This week at WOODCHUCK HQ we are braving the Minnesota cold while busily preparing to give some awesome WOODCHUCK Valentines Day Deals. Later in the week, Team WOODCHUCK is going on an excursion to the St. Paul caves for a little caving experience, pictures to come. Make it a great day!
February 10, 2014 by Ben VandenWymelenberg

Our Limitless iPhone 5 Case Was Featured On!

You can check out the article by clicking on the photo below. Buy the Limitless Case HERE.

May 24, 2013 by Ben Rummel


A Reconstituted Ebony Wood + Recycled Plastic + Recycled Aluminum hard case for the iPhone 5. Made for the ultimate adventurer and the continuous phone-dropper, the Limitless Series protects your phone from the most serious of situations.

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February 02, 2013 by Ben Rummel
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Featured on Pinoy Tech Blog

Take a look at our article on Pinoy Tech Blog! <-- Click the link to visit the Philippines' longest running tech blog. Thanks guys!


January 13, 2013 by Ben Rummel
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