Hello Big Apple! WOODCHUCK just returned from an awesome road trip out to New York. Amidst the exciting business opportunities, we managed to fit in some exploration of the city. The high-energy pulse of New York fits nicely with our go-get-em work ethic. Here are a few highlights from the trip we want to share.



On our first full day in the city, we met with the creative team behind Chrysler's Imported From Detroit campaign. If you haven't seen their work yet, check it out. There is an American Made revolution taking place right now, and Chrysler is one of the major brands on the front lines of change. We're proud to be working with another U.S.A. brand bringing jobs back to America. More details on our partnership to come...



After taking care of business, we took to the streets of New York City to partake in the beautiful insanity that sprawls across the island. Central Park at night was one of our favorite spots. There is something to be said about the unique contrast of American Elm trees against the city skyline. Brooklyn Bridge is also a must if you're in town. Just be careful not to walk in the bike lane. New Yorkers are serious about their exercise! If you have time to grab a weekend brunch, head to the town of Williamsburg and reserve a spot at Jimmy's DinerThis hometown diner was featured on the Food Network for good reason! It's not hard to run into some very interesting and/or famous people in New York. Just after brunch, our CFOO John ran into Amir Blumenfeld on the street. He lived up to his reputation as a chill dude.



We weren't able to see all of New York in our short trip. But that's a great reason to make another visit. NYC left a good taste in our mouth, and we are hungry to come back to for more. We'll be seeing the Empire State soon again.

October 02, 2013 by Ben VandenWymelenberg
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