WOODCHUCK Weekly: WOODCHUCK Wood Pocket Squares featured in Envision F

WOODCHUCK Weekly: WOODCHUCK Wood Pocket Squares featured in Envision Fashion Show

Said to be one of the top trending items to have this season by fashion leaders and online retailers like Shopify, wood pocket squares have recently made their way onto the runway in a local Minneapolis fashion show.   An easy way for any guy to sharpen their look, these will surely make a strong appearance on the lapels of only the most fashion-forward men.   Expanding the WOODCHUCK image and easing our way into the high-end men’s fashion scene has been nothing short of awesome.  That being said, we’re giving the people what they want.  Launching our own WOODCHUCK wood pocket squares for our fans.  We’re the first wood pocket square on the market, with a suede back and multiple layers of wood to detail its uniqueness.  We loved our design and the utility so much we decided to patent this aesthetic piece of art.



A huge thanks to Envision, a cornerstone in the local fashion scene, for letting us be a part of their recent fashion show on April 26, 2014.  A chance to debut these new pocket squares showed any guy that they can look good rocking the best damn thing to put in your pocket.  Another big thank you to Star Tribune as well for their coverage of the show and for shedding some light on our wood pocket squares for all our WOODCHUCK fans.  Also be sure to check out our recent article on our wood pocket squares also done by the Star Tribune!




May 12, 2014 by Ben VandenWymelenberg
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