A Company on a Mission : The New WOODCHUCK

A Company on a Mission : The New WOODCHUCK

Over the past two years we have established ourselves as a premier wooden electronics accessories company.  We are now taking our mission and expanding into new territories. No longer are we just a “phone case company”, but rather a premium wooden accessories brand. Today marks the day that we proudly present you with, yes, a new look, but continue on with our everlasting vision.

Our Vision? 

Bring nature back to people.  

Bring jobs back to America.

Bring quality back to products. 

Today, we are proud to officially present you with two new features:

We’ve redesigned our website to allow you easy access and navigation throughout.  Not only have we made it simple to search product categories, but we’ve also enhanced the clarity of each design.


A WOODCHUCK Exclusive:









Forget the folding. We make looking good easy.  The WOODCHUCK real wood pocket square is handcrafted with rigid wood veneer and suede backing. 

We're proud to announce the new WOODCHUCK. Dedicated to a mission, and passionate about our vision. Thank you for your support, loyalty, and belief in our ability to change the world. 


Authentic.  American.  WOODCHUCK.

April 22, 2014 by Kasey Keener
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