WOODCHUCK Weekly: Join the Movement

WOODCHUCK Weekly: Join the Movement

Thinking sustainably.

We’ve officially launched The WOODCHUCK Movement, which is a platform that speaks to our mission of:

People back to Nature.

Jobs back to America.

& Quality back to Products.

To get people back to nature, we understand the importance of first and foremost, taking care of the great outdoors. Thus, our team has been working towards making WOODCHUCK the best possible company for our community, for our economy, and for good old Mother Earth. We’ve met with key execs from Fortune 50 companies, and found that there’s an even greater support network than we anticipated.

Team WOODCHUCK is excited to be making strides towards sustainability. Check out a few things we're doing to move forward.


Did you Know?

  • WOODCHUCK uses 100% FSC certified wood which is the U.S. best standard to ensure that all wood is harvested sustainably.

  • WOODCHUCK will be launching the Seed Paper project as a thank you and in hopes of getting people back outdoors. The project will include sending every consumer a free seed paper card. This hand-crafted paper contains Birch tree and Wildflower seeds that consumers can then plant.

  • WOODCHUCK has partnered with Chris Craft, where recycled material from old yachts are salvaged and reused as material for custom products.


If you care to reach out to Team WOODCHUCK and share your ideas regarding sustainability and design, email holly@WOODCHUCKcase.com



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February 24, 2014 by Ben VandenWymelenberg
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