WOODCHUCK Weekly: Rugged and Ready

WOODCHUCK Weekly: Rugged and Ready

 Here at Woodchuck Headquarters, we’ve been making some huge moves and last week was a wild week, to say the least!  With many custom products in production and our CFO's twenty-fourth birthday topping off the week, Team WOODCHUCK decided to collect our thoughts with a cool, calm, and collective mandatory movie sesh. Instead of chucking dodge balls at each other, we sat back and settled into our DIY home-theater and soothed our minds with the movie Into the Wild and some snackage. 


As far as this week goes, if you thought last week sounded crazy, JUST WAIT! Caving was in our plans, but we’ve decided to post-pone that event to this week. Fear not, for pics will follow soon! Also, this week team WOODCHUCK has many projects that we will be putting our hearts and ‘soles’ into.  If you’re not quite sure what we mean by that, stay tuned and prepare yourself for the next WOODCHUCK Weekly. 

Our CEO, Ben, will be running off to Cali for some unbelievable adventures, while the rest of us WOODCHUCKs embrace this Minne-snow-ta weather.  Our week may not seem too hectic, but without the boss man around, we need to remain focused and do what we do best: make awesome happen.

WOODCHUCK is our name and #beastmode is our game!



Our new and improved journals!

If you’re looking for something to do this weekend, head down to the Ice Cross World Championship, Redbull Crashed Ice, in Downtown St. Paul.  Team WOODCHUCK collaborated with SixSpeed to create over one hundred beautiful, inlayed journals to show our support as a company and as a team.  These aren't just your ordinary journals either.  With 100% recycled paper between a leather-lined hardcover, our new journals put the 'pro' in professional and nature back into your life.  WOODCHUCK may seem pretty intense, but be prepared if you plan to attend this event!



Do you have what it takes? 

Our team is excited to announce that we’re now accepting applications for the 2014 intern team! We’re seeking top talent in all areas of the company, from design, social media, event marketing, finance, production, to dodge ball referee. All parties are integral to making this “work place” what it is today. We are a young, rapidly expanding company determined to make an impact.



We're ready for any challenge this week may chuck at us! Boom. Here we go. #WOODCHUCK

February 18, 2014 by Kasey Keener
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