Now accepting applications for the '14 Intern Team

Now accepting applications for the '14 Intern Team

Do you have what it takes?

Our team is excited to announce that we’re now accepting applications for the 2014 intern team! We’re seeking top talent in all areas of the company. From design, social media, event marketing, finance, production, to dodge ball referee. All parties are integral to making this “work place” what it is today. We are a young, rapidly expanding company whose set out to make an impact.

The internship program is like none other in the fact that all interns are given the same level of trust as our full-timers. We are seeking those who are ready to take on a challenge, who want to own their own projects,

Our culture? ...At any given moment you’ll find team WOODCHUCK zipping around on our longboard, sipping away at the unlimited hot coffee, playing dodge ball in house, or if you step in on a Friday, you'll find the team sitting in the 'think tank' having mandatory team happy hour. Team WOODCHUCK is on a mission to create a movement for a world more connected to nature through the creation of wooden lifestyle products.

Think you have what it takes to join team WOODCHUCK?

To apply, email the following to

  • Subject line

    • “I’m ready to get WOODCHUCK’d. Here’s to my application.”

  • Content

    • Quick writeup on how you heard of WOODCHUCK

    • Why you want to join the team

    • The role you’re applying (ie: Social media intern, design intern, etc.)

    • Your background and experiences

    • Option to include links to your LinkedIn, Facebook, personal site, etc.

    • If you were a jelly bean, what flavor would you be and why

  • Attachments

    • Resume

    • Portfolio (if necessary)

February 04, 2014 by Ben VandenWymelenberg
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